Robin Snyder
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Stickyfingers, Stealer, Dork (by Princess)

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Julie Nathanson

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Robin Snyder is a character who appeared in the episode Superfriends.

She has brown long hair, blue eyes, and is about the girls' height.

In the aforementioned episode, Robin, her parents (never shown), and their pet cat, Ginger, had just moved to Townsville next door to the Powerpuff Girls and their dad, Professor Utonium. Bubbles was the first of her sisters to befriend Robin, but Blossom and Buttercup are also good friends with her. The sisters quickly started hanging out with Robin a lot, but soon, their crime fighting agendas left them with no time to actually hang out with her.

Soon, Robin met Princess Morbucks, who tricked Robin into leaving the girls and stealing, but not because she wanted to be friends with Robin, but for her need to be a Powerpuff Girl. After she tricked Robin into stealing candy from a local convenience store, she tattled on her to the authorities and the Powerpuff Girls arrived. However, after everything was explained and the truth was revealed, Robin was pardoned. 


  • Robin and her incident where she became a victim of Princess' conspiracy was referenced in 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas. When Bubbles said "You tricked our friend Robin into stealing and then you tattled on her." While she didn't show up in further episodes, its implied she's still friends with the Powerpuff Girls.
  • It's possible that she may be closest to Bubbles out of the three Powerpuff Girls, since Bubbles was the first of the three to actually befriend her, and whenever Robin's with the sisters, she's usually nearest to Bubbles.
  • The house Robin currently lives in happens to be the same house the Powerpuff Girls former evil neighbours, The Smiths once lived in before the end of "Just Desserts". It is likely after the family went to jail made their house available for others, though its just as likely that they moved.
  • There is a girl in "Stuck Up, Up, And Away" (a much earlier episode) who looks and sounds like her.
  • Her conception was an accident, which she confesses to the Professor. This fact shocked the Professor. This also would come off as an adult joke.
  • Her name might be a pun and the name Rob Schneider
  • She appears on the cover on the book called "Power Pals" with the girls.