Say Uncle
Season 6, Episode 2B
Episode name pun on: The game of the same name
Say uncle 6547
Airdate: April 23, 2004
Director: Randy Myers
Story: Paul Stec
Writer(s): Craig Lewis
Mike Kim
See also
"Makes Zen to Me"
"Reeking Havoc"
Say Uncle is the fourth episode in the sixth season of The Powerpuff Girls. It's the one hundred and seventeenth episode overall.


The girls’ uncle comes to visit, but they mistakenly take a taffy-loving Sasquatch home.


The Professor receives a letter from his brother, Eugene, saying he's coming to Townsville, but the Professor is heading for a conference so the Girls go to get him, accidentally bringing home some type of bear, thinking he's their Uncle.

Soon enough the girls send him on the train they found him on, humorously putting him in the seat next to their uncle.


  • The girls' uncle is never brought up again after this episode, nor is he mentioned before this episode.
  • At several points in this episode, Bubbles' hair is duller then it should be, like a honey mustard yellow.
  • Don Shank, as he appeared in Documentary, makes a cameo in this episode as one of the people getting off the train.
  • This is one of few episodes in which a dessert or any inanimate object is credited for saving the day (taffy) with the girls, another being "Octi Gone".


  • When the Professor is reading the telegram from his brother, it's signed, "You're brother, Eugene" meaning "you are brother, Eugene" when it should be "your".

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