Shut the Pup Up
Season 5, Episode 1b
Episode name pun on: the explicit phrase "Shut the **** Up"
Airdate: September 5, 2003
Director: Robert Alvarez
Story: Dave Dunnett
Lauren Faust
Craig Lewis
Craig McCracken
John McIntyre
Amy Keating Rogers
Justin Thompson
Carey Yost
Writer(s): Cindy Morrow
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"I See A Funny Cartoon in Your Future"
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Shut the Pup Up is the 2nd episode of season 5.


After witnessing a crime, Talking Dog happens to run into a police station. In the meantime at the Powerpuff Girls' house, Bubbles and Buttercup exchange insults over who is the rightful owner of tattoos from a cereal box, until the Professor breaks up their "mean and hurtful words." After there is a knock on the door, which Blossom answers to. She is greeted by an FBI agent, who has the dog stay at the Powerpuff Girls' house for a while as part of a witness protection program. The girls try to get him to tell them about the crime he witnessed but find he cannot stomach talking about it. However, they find out he talks in his sleep and learn a bit about the crime. Listening all night, they hear nothing else, only insults about them. The dog

Blossom's bow is orange instead of red.

insults everyone by mistake saying hurtful things. Eventually, Bubbles is broken into a hypnotic-like state by the Talking Dog's insults and reduced to chanting that she is not a chubby baby, which is what Talking Dog called her; this makes Buttercup compassionate towards her sister. After several nights, the girls get all the information about the crime and take off to solve it. It turns out that restaurant owners had dumped a bag of used bones into the river; the dog considered losing good chewing material criminal.


  • Running Gag: The Professor having more and more tattoos.
  • When the Professor is shown shirtless near the end of the episode, he has a tattoo on his abdomen that reads "Pug Life".
  • At the end of this episode, during the 2002 animated episode outro, after the Narrator says his usual "day is saved" speech, the Talking Dog (off-screen voiceover) quickly quips the Narrator's "day is saved" speech and complains about it and talks about remembering funny quotes and how the episode outro would usually be customized into variants.


  • When the girls see the Talking Dog for the first time, Blossom's bow is in the same color as her hair.