The Powerpuff Girls song
“Sunshine Down On Me”
Sunshine down on me 1

Hear me fathers
Song by  Hippies, Mayor, Gnomey
Episode See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
Length  1:21
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"Hear Me Fathers" "Best Day Of My Life"

Man: When I feel the sun, my eyes open wide, my troubles are gone.
Lady: When the birds start to sing, I know the children can play and laugh all day.

Man and Lady: Sunshine, sunshine, down on me.
Sunshine, sunshine, down on me.

Mayor: The babies can grow, and all the little old folks can walk real slow.
Who is to thank? Without your help, we would've sank.

Gnome: Sunshine, sunshine, down on you.
Sunshine, sunshine, down on you.


  • The woman and the man that were singing could be from the episode "Save Mojo."

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