The Legion of Doom have captured Aquaman and Wonder Woman and have them hang over a vat of acid. When the Lgion of Doom starts lowering them into the acid The Powerpuff Girls come smashing into the Hall of Doom. When Lex Luther sees them he says "What the Powderpuff Girls"! The girls wonder why people always get it wrong they correct him and tell him there's "NO D". Then he responds by saying there is a D in destroy "As In Destroy Them". The other villains just sit Lex Luther looks at them and repeats what he "Destory team" them they realized what he was talking to them.

The Powerpuff Girls beat them and save the two super Friends. Aquaman thanks them and Blossom says 'No Problem we're big fans of old school". Wonder Woman tells them they are developing into quite the superheroes. Bubbles says "Someday we'll be as developed as you!" The Legion of Doom starts laughing, as it does clearly link to an innudendo.


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