[Scene : Mojo Jojo's Lair]
Narrator "The secret lab of that most sinister at hideous, Mojo Jojo up to no good no doubt."
Mojo Jojo "The city of Townsville, interrupt with pleased. When I, Mojo Jojo unleash my army of cyborgly armed of battle monkey. They will coward. When I, Mojo Jojo will demand.
[evil laughs]
Mojo Jojo "And they, the people not the monkeys will very much like I, Mojo Jojo am doing. And I Mojo Jojo, will not care."
[ There's someone punching the wall till it breaks.It's the Powerpuff Girls! ]
Blossom "Not so fast, Mojo Jojo!"
Mojo Jojo "The Powerpuff Girls! You are always warding my genius plans! But not today!"
[Buttercup unplugs the cable. The cyborg monkeys fall.]
Mojo Jojo "Okay, you warded my genius plan. But you'll never catch me."  [ runs away ]
Buttercup "Oh, yeah?"
[The Powerpuff Girls ran off and chase Mojo Jojo and gets in front of him.]
Blossom "Give it up! Mojo!"
Mojo Jojo "Okay. But first, enjoy the Powerpuff Girl re-power."
[ shoots the gun to The Powerpuff Girls. The Powerpuff Girls coughs. ]
Mojo Jojo "Now, if you'll excuse me. While I, Mojo Jojo carry on my cyborg automic henchmen of battle monkey to another dimension. Well I, Mojo Jojo have discovered where superhero do not care about stopping villains. Mojo Jojo out!"
[Mojo Jojo teleport somewhere.]
Bubbles "So, we're just gonna wait for this poisonous fog to clear, then go out, right?"
Blossom "Right."
Narrator "A world where superhero do not care about villains? What kind of awful place could that be?"
[Scene: Jump City. At the Titans Tower, Cyborg is playing games while Beast Boy is reading a comic.]
Beast Boy "Hey, brah. Wanna hear the alphabet?" [laughs]
Cyborg "That sounds like a super fun and disgusting way to learn my letters."
Beast Boy [farts and make letters]

"A, B, C, D"

[Mojo Jojo teleported into Jump City.]
Beast Boy & Cyborg "Magic monkey!"
Mojo Jojo "Hmm.. Your should be robot man and you, real boy wearing tights. Hmm.. You must be superheroes."
[Beast Boy and Cyborg gasps]
Beast Boy "He talks?"
Cyborg "Check out that hat, bro! I love 'em so much."
Mojo Jojo "But you still love me, when I Mojo Jojo create an army of cyborgnaticly arms of battle monkeys?"
Cyborg "You're making a monkey army?"
Beast Boy "So cool. Can we guys get in on that?"
Mojo Jojo "You truly are superheroes that like villains. And you want to help me?"
Cyborg "Aw, spend a day with a talking monkey, making a monkey army.."
Beast Boy & Cyborg "Yeah! Monkey army! Monkey army!"
[ Robin came in. ]
Narrator "Oh no. Cyborg and Beast Boy has starred in that evil plunges of Mojo Jojo!"
[ Robin cartwheels.]
Robin "Who said that?"
Narrator "Wait, you heard me?"
Robin "I hear you loud and clear, voice!"
[Raven and Starfire walks in]
Raven "Huh. Hearing voices again?"
Starfire "Is it the angry one, Robin?"
[ Robin starred angrily. Suddenly, The Powerpuff Girls teleported in.]
[ Robin, Raven and Starfire gasped.]
Narrator "Hike heavens. The Powerpuff Girls! "
Starfire "Who are the odd floating color coordinated children?"
Robin "The Powerpuff Girls!"
Blossom "That's right. How did you know?"
Robin "The voice!
Blossom "We come from another dimension looking for dangerous villain, Mojo Jojo!"
Robin "We have to do something. Your parents must be worried sick."
Blossom "What?"

"Aw. Don't be scared. We'll keep an eye on you until your mommy and daddy come pick you up."

Bubbles "We don't need babysitters. We need to stop Mojo Jojo."
Starfire "And I need to do the pinchy support the weedle cheeks."
Buttercup [slaps Starfire's finger]

"Hey! We are superheroes! Not babies! Got it? I'm Buttercup, that's Bubbles and Blossom."

Raven "Well, I'm Chico, that's Chewy and Chappy!"
Blossom "What's wrong with these guys?"
Robin "Raven, don't play joke like that. They're under the baby brains can't process your humor. [ talks slowly ] "I'm Robin, Ro..bin! That's Raven and Starfire. Wait, where's Beast Boy and Cyborg?"
[ Scene:

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