The Boogie Man

The Boogie man is a character from the animated series The Powerpuff Girls. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Boogie Man is the main antagonist of the episode Boogie Frights, a 70's disco dancing loving monster who plots eternal darkness in Townsville, only to be defeated and hurled into space.


Boogie Man in HIM and Seek

Since then, he has made nothing but minor cameo appearances and was in the Gameboy Advance game; HIM and Seek where he said he would leave if the girls could beat him in a dance-off. He wears reddish orange sunglasses. In The Powerpuff Girls Rule! his skin was colored purple instead of blue.


  • Jerome: Supposedly his right-hand man, a small green monster wearing orange shades and a yellow jacket. Also appearing in the Gameboy Advance game as a bouncer who won't let the girls in unless they had a password.
  • Scissors: A bird-like monster, phoned up by Jerome as the Boogie Man requests he cut the power, as it being a step in his "grand master plan."
  • Boogie2

    The Boogie Man hiding in The Powerpuff Girls Rule.

    Maggot: No real name given, some sort of maggot or slime monster wearing a hat who warns the Boogie Man about the sun coming up, appears in the opening screen of the show, in the background of the disco club in Him-and-Seek, and even alongside the Boogie Man as he cameos in The Powerpuff Girls Rule.

Episode appearances

Game appearances

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