The City of Frownsville
Season 6, Episode 10B
Episode name pun on: The City of Townsville
Airdate: July 23, 2004
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The City of Frownsville is the second segment of episode ten of Season 6. It aired on July 23rd, 2004.


A carnival has arrived in Townsville, and everyone is happy until the tearful Lou Gubrious uses his machine to switch everyone's happiness with his depression and misery. Blossom asks "What's goin' on, Professor?" Utonium immediately knows what is the exact cause of everyone's depression and misery. The talking dog is puzzled about how he knows that. Buttercup provides the explanation "He's the Professor! He knows everything!". Blossom cries, "I don't like it!". The Professor surmises that they must make someone laugh, or all of Townsville will drown in a sea of their own tears. In the end, the tables are turned on Gubrious when he slips on a peel from Bubbles' banana, causing everyone to laugh at his misfortune.



  • It's revealed in this episode that Bubbles has won the title of happiest citizen of Townsville six years running. It's likely a reference to this being in the series' sixth season.
  • This is one of three episodes to have a pun on "the city of Townsville," the other two being The City of Clipsville and The City of Nutsville, this one and The City of Nutsville having something bad happening to the entire city (an unaired clip of Professor Utonium accidentally turning the whole Townsville population into babies, though not himself, was shown in The City of Clipsville, though).
  • This is an episode where a food or any other inanimate object is additionally credited for saving the day (a banana straight) along with the Powerpuff Girls, others including "Octi Gone" (a contaminated banana cream pie).
  • A pigeon crying with Bubbles holding a banana peel is a reference to a song by Prince titled "When Doves Cry".
  • Professor Utonium says "Crying is easy, comedy is hard" which is a reference to Edmund Kean's quote "Dying is easy, comedy is hard".