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"If there's one thing we're good at, it's thrashing stuff."

The Derbytantes are a group of female roller skaters present in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series.


Princess Buttercup

Buttercup is sitting alone at a table in the school cafeteria and having lunch when all of a sudden a group of rollerskaters burst inside. They skate all over the place and present themselves as the Derbytantes to Buttercup.

Super Sweet 6

They made a cameo at Princess's birthday party.

Buttercup vs. Math

It is revealed in this episode that Maylyn is bad at math.

Derby Dollies


Every member of the Derbytantes has a nickname that ends with "-lyn".


Maylyn (Voice actor: Kate Higgins) is the leader of the Derbytantes. Every conversation of the gang is mainly brought forth by Maylyn. She is bad at math, as revealed in Buttercup vs. Math.




Jaylyn looks pretty much identical to most other members of the group.



Hey guys!

Bobbysuzeraelyn has undeniably the most extraordinary appearance out of all members of the gang. Her appearance has all the features of a full grown man, yet she speaks with a girly voice.


"Buttlyn" is Buttercup's nickname as a member of the Derbytantes.

Other Members

Apart from the above, there are at least three unnamed members of the Derbytantes, all of whom look identical to Jaylyn except for hair color. The color of their emblem on helmets and rollerskates also slightly differ.


In general, many of the lifestyle choices associated with punk culture are applied to the Derbytantes. They like to spend their pastimes skating, eating pizza, making pots (making pots is not part of the punk culture) and trashing stuff.

Death Ball

Another pastime of theirs is playing "Death Ball". The rules of Death Ball have not been revealed, but it appears to be a variation of dodge-ball where the main objective is to knock the other players using a purple ball decorated with a skull. At the end of the episode Princess Buttercup, Bubbles says "...And Death Ball!"


Rollerskates are a central part of the Derbytantes. Maylyn claims that the Derbytantes never take off their skates, not even while skateboarding.


The Derbytantes' communication is influenced by street slang.


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