The three main characters from left-to-right: Major Glory, The Infraggable Krunk, and Val Hallen.

The Justice Friends are a group of superheroes who exist in the "universes" of Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls and occasionally appeared in back-up segments of Dexter's Laboratory. The Justice Friends is considered to be a spoof of DC Comics' Justice League and Super Friends, and Marvel Comics' Avengers.


Major Stars

  • Major Glory is a caped American superhero given to over-dramatic, patriotic dialogue. He is a parody of both Captain America and Superman. His love for publicity and of the paparazzi can often present more harm than good. His secret identity is concealed by several masks instead of just one, he is the nephew of Uncle Sam (currently a hippie), and he is allergic to cats. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Valhallen is a guitar-wielding Viking god of rock with Southern Californian mannerisms. He is a parody of both the Mighty Thor and rock music guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Val Hallen's guitar is his source of divine power, as seen in the episode "Val Hallen's Room" where he was reduced to a nerd having lost it. Upon finding it, the power of the guitar restored him to his true form. However, it seems that the guitar itself does not supply an infinite amount of energy as he had to retrieve his power when Mental Mouse claimed it in the episode "Can't Nap." It's also powered by static electricity as well. Valhallen can also fly on his guitar, much the same way Mjolnir grants Thor the ability of flight in the Marvel Universe. It can be noted that his guitar bears resemblance to the Gibson "Flying" V (Most likely an inside joke for guitar players). He has been seen using various means of transportation throughout the series, such as a cross between a Viking longship and a jeep, or a chariot pulled by a goat (named Billy), similar to the chariot used by Thor in Norse mythology which is pulled by two goats. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • The Infraggable Krunk (or Krunk for short) is an overgrown muscle-man with arrested mental development. He parodies both the Incredible Hulk and The Thing. He wears green pants and has purple skin - an opposite to the Hulk's purple pants and green skin. His favorite television show is T.V. Puppet Pals. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

List of Other Justice Friends

Justice Friend

Counterpart Description
White Tiger

Black Panther and White Tiger

Sam-R-I Silver Samurai
Living Bullet Iron Man, Quicksilver, The Flash, Juggernaut and/or Colossus
Phan Tone Vision
Rat Man Batman (with Spider-Man's personality)
Tiki Torch Human Torch and Shaman
Miss Pell Scarlet Witch (only female member, in reference to Wonder Woman being the only female member of the Superfriends)
Capital G Black Goliath, Giant Man, or Apache Chief
Snowman Ice Man

The entire Justice Friends

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