The Mayor's Wife is the wife of The Mayor of Townsville. She looks exactly like the mayor only with some female features added. The Mayor doesn't like her as his wife because she's old and ugly and would rather be with Ms. Sara Bellum. She is voiced by Tom Kenny.


The Mayor's Wife looks exactly like the Mayor only she has white puffy hair and a pink dress. She has a mustash which would seem odd due to the fact of her being female, but this may just be because of how she looks so much like Mayor. Not only does her physical appearance seem just like Mayor's but so does her voice. She only spoke in one epsiode and said one talking line, but it sounded just like Mayor's.


Very little is known about her personality due to the fact that she is rarely ever seen at all in the show but ahat has been noted is that she tends to be a very nice wife to the mayor and she doesn't ever question his stupidity. The sad thing is that Mayor dispises her because she is old and unattractive. The Mayor always neglects loving her and has never been seen doing it even once in the series. She is seems very sad and lonely without him and only wants to be loved.

Episode Appearances


  • She looks exactly like the Mayor only with some female features added.
  • She has the same voice and voice actor as Mayor.
  • She has only had one talking line in the entire series and that was "Honey, what is it?" when she heard Mayor screaming in his room.
  • Even though she is a female, she has a mustache. This may be because of how she looks exactly like the Mayor.
  • It is implied that Mayor doesn't like her and that he likes Ms. Bellum better.
    • In the episode "Powerpuff Bluff" Some burglars were going to take away Ms. Bellum and the Mayor was desperately going through a light of other things they could take away instead of her. He mentioned his wife twice.
    • In the episode "Boogie Frights" The Mayor's Wife came in and the Mayor screamed in fear when he saw her.
    • In the same episode, Mayor was in his own room when he was screaming in fear over the monsters, and his wife had to come through the door to get to him. This implies that they do not sleep in the same bed together or even the same room.
    • In the episode "The Bare Facts" Mayor was talking about all the good things he had in life. He looked at a picture of his wife and said "My Wife, she uh .... um uh ..." and he layed the picture frame down on it's front so he didn't have to look at her. Then he quickly moved on to another object which was his pen. He really emphasised his pen like it was something really big just so he could get his mind off his wife.
    • In the episode "Night Mayor" he was seen in his bed with her and be was laying down very far away from her and she was curled up in the corner of the bed, cold, looking sad and lonely.
    • In multiple other episodes, he was seen loving Ms. Sara Bellum and swooning over her implying that she is the one he really loves.
  • In the episode Boogie Frights it was shown that they do not sleep on the same bed as each other, but in the episode Night Mayor and Reeking Havoc it was shown that they do.
  • She has only been seen twice when the show progressed into flash animation but only for a brief second. It was in the episodes Reeking Havoc and Night Mayor.

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