Senstive thugz
Sensitive Thugz aka The Sensitive Thugz is a boy band that appeared in the 2016 series episode "Escape from Monster Island".




Chance has blonde hair and wears cyan clothes with white trousers. He also has bright cyan eyes with hearts inside. Bubbles is a real fan of him and in Escape from Monster Island he sang a song to Bubbles and he said: "This song goes out to our number one fan, Bubbles."



Dax has spiky black hair wears a black with green jacket and has black jeans. He has light green eyes with hearts inside. He also has a small soul patch beard. Buttercup is a fan of him. Buttercup thinks he is the baddest  boy in the world.

Manager Kevonne


He has curly hair and wears a magenta shirt. He also wears a yellow with blue sport armband. Blossom is a fan of him because he also aims for organization just like her.

Unknown Name

Unknown name

He has a chestnut colored hair and wears a magenta jacket with blue pants. His name is not mentioned in the show yet and the girls didn't describe his personality.



  • I'm a Crazy Monster Girl (When it Comes to Holding Your Hand)
  • I wanna listen to your problems girl


  • They are a parody of most famous boy bands such as Forever in your Mind, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and more recently, One Direction.
  • Dax looks similar to Butch (1998 TV series)