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Cat Man Do

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The Powerpuff Girls Rule! (cameo)

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Mark Hamill

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The Kitty was the main antagonist in Cat Man Do. He uses his cuteness to hypnotize people into helping him do his dirty work.

Apperarance and Personality

He is a chubby, white cat with yellow-green eyes and stubby forearms and a masculine voice with a few cat like words (shown when he said Purr-fect.). He is an evil genius, responsible for hypnotizing many people such as Professor Utonium. The cat hypnotizes the Professor, forcing him to assist him in his plot to hypnotize the people of Townsville into giving their pet cats authority over their owners and their households. The cat was accidentally knocked into a tree by the Professor. He meowed like a normal cat to conceal his ability to speak. 

Episode appearances


  • The Kitty is a parody of the James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is famously known for stroking a white cat on his lap.

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