You Snooze, You Lose
Season 2, Episode 4-B
Episode name pun on: The phrase "you snooze, you lose"
Airdate: September 24, 1999
Director: John McIntyre and Craig McCracken
Story: Lynne Naylor
Writer(s): John McIntyre and Chris Savino
See also
"Dream Scheme"
"Beat Your Greens"

Mojo Jojo's plans for destroying the Powerpuff Girls fall into the hands of Townsville's lousiest criminals-- the Amoeba Boys.


Mojo Jojo creates the perfect plan to destroying The Powerpuff Girls ever, but because wind blew in from an open window one night, Mojo's plans fall into the Amoeba Boys' hands. When the Girls see the plan, they think that it is a scavenger hunt for a ride. They collect all the pieces to make the machine and the Girls ride it to find out that the "ride" was actually a trap. Mojo Jojo then sees that the Amoeba Boys are using the machine so Mojo Jojo kicks them out and takes control. The Girls then find out that they were trapped in gum so they chew as much gum as they can hold and beat up Mojo Jojo.

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  • As Mojo Jojo is fast asleep, there's a drift of wind blowing in, but the window is shut, however, the window in the shot is open just as the envelope gets blown out of the window.
  • As Mojo Jojo puts his blueprint in the envelope, he didn't seal it properly, but when we see him in his bed, it is sealed.
  • When the Girls were stuck in the gum, there's a whole tub of it, when they actually only "received" about a normal piece.
  • When Buttercup fights the crustacean, it's alive. However, when they're inside it, it appears to be made of metal.
  • It is uncertain what the basketball, flashlight, and paper clips have to do with that invention.
  • Mojo's head is in the middle of his body before the episode ended.
  • Mojo said flypaper is stupid.  However in Stray Bullet, he uses it and it works.
  • The Lobster Muncher was Mojo Jojo's machine and Amoeba Boy is driving it.
  • The Lobster Muncher came from the name from the 8 headed serpent Yamata No Orochi.
  • This episode and the episode that precedes it, Dream Scheme, both involve sleeping.

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